17 Beautiful Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

Cloth Diaper Storage & Organization Ideas

So, you have an adorable stash of cloth diapers, but you need a place to put them! I’ve gathered up 17 beautiful cloth diaper storage ideas for fluff organization.

These setups will give your cloth diapers a forever home that you’re going to love to look at, so put those stunning prints on display!

Photo By: Tei Smith

Tei displays her impressive cloth diaper stash with cubby cubes mounted on the wall. 

Photo By: Phoenix Golnick Neal

Phoenix Golnick Neal added a rod to the bottom of her stash shelf for hanging and drying diaper covers.

Photo By: Chianne Marie

These carts are cute, portable, and functional. Chianne Marie has a fully stocked stash and is ready to change her babe, anywhere!

Photo by: Ashley Alvarado

Wire hanging baskets are a budget-friendly storage solution.

Photo By: Carli Brock

Carli Brock keeps her cloth tidy and organized with a large shelf above a dresser/changing table. She rolls her prefolds for maximum space utilization!

Photo By: Jenny Schulz

Jenny Schulz got creative with her setup by repurposing a tall vertical media shelf. This is a great choice for rooms with limited space. She mounted a towel holder onto the wall for hanging wet bags, and on the other side of the room, she strung twine with clothespins for a whimsical way to display her covers.

Photo By: Amber Kudrna

These simple offset storage cubes mounted to the wall make for a quick and reliable storage option.

Photo By: Becca Jo

A brilliant and beautiful way to organize and dry cloth diaper covers. Becca Jo installed a curtain rod with hanging clips above her changing mat. I love this innovative setup!

Photo By: Catelyn McNamara

Catelyn McNamara stores her fluff in these unique honeycomb shelves. What a “sweet” stash it is!

Photo By: Catelyn McNamara

Another geometric style by Catelyn McNamara. These triangle shelves showcase the rest of her cloth collection. A hanging wire basket beneath makes for a quaint and functional place to toss accessories.

Photo by: Catelyn McNamara

Custom-built floating shelves for her favorite stack! 

Photo By: Dymonde Glass Keooudone

These floating shelves give a clean & tidy minimalist look. This stylish storage option ranks high for its aesthetically pleasing design.

Photo By: Melissa Teoulet

Standing shelves are a versatile and budget-friendly storage option. When you are done cloth diapering, these multi-purpose shelves can be used to organize almost anything.

Photo By: Jessica Loper-Williams

This adorable mountain shelf was custom built for Jessica’s stash. 

Photo By: Katelyn Prine

Katelyn Prine’s DIY wooden crate shelves offer plenty of storage space with a cute rustic appeal. 

Photo By: Storm Schneider

In this nursery Storm Schneider installed cubby cubes on the wall above her changing table, which also serves as storage for her cloth. She keeps her wet bags handy by hanging them on hooks.

Photo By: Kelly Matthews

Kelly Matthews repurposed an existing desk into a chic changing table. Her wet bags hang on a peg board.

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