Best Budget Friendly Cloth Diapers

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No matter which type of cloth diapering system you prefer, there are affordable options. My recommendation is that you figure out which type of cloth diapers work best for you and your child, and then search for that system within your price range.

Not sure which system is right for you? Check out Nicki’s Cloth Diapering 101 Starter Kit. It comes with several different types of cloth diapers so you can try them all and decide which system you like best. There is a Newborn kit & One-Size kit to choose from.

Many people start researching cheap cloth diapers and get the impression that flats and prefolds are their only option. When I was expecting my first child, I believed this misconception myself. I didn’t even look at All-In-Ones or other types because I thought they were too expensive. Now I know that you can find deals on any diapering system and still stay within your budget.

I’ve gathered up a list of some of the best budget-friendly cloth diapers in every category. A tight budget doesn’t have to hold you back from building a stash you’ll love!


You’ll find several of the diapers on this list are Nicki’s Diapers brand. Nicki’s is one of the best places to find budget-friendly cloth diapering products. Make sure to check the sales tabs. There are usually great deals to be found if you can find retired prints.


Nicki’s Diapers Ultimate Newborn AIO

budget-friendly newborn cloth diapers

This AIO has a snap-in removable microfiber insert that is topped with a stay-dry fleece.


Package Deals:

Green Mountain Diapers Hello Baby Box

This Kit comes with 24 newborn Cloth-eez prefolds, 24 cloth wipes, a cotton swaddle, 4 diaper covers, locking diaper pins, and an awesome How-To Booklet (which I found to be incredibly helpful when I first started cloth diapering).




Nicki’s Diapers Ultimate One-Size AIO

A one-size AIO with a snap-in removable microfiber insert that is topped with a stay-dry fleece.


Package Deals:

bumGenius Freetime AIO One-Size

bumGenius offers some really good discounts if you buy in bulk. The more you purchase the bigger the savings. Bonus, you can choose many different prints & colors!

You save $78.96 if you purchase the 24 pack. This gets the cost per diaper down to $16.66, compared to the retail price of $21.95. By the way, 24 is considered a full stash!

24 pack – $399.84



Flip hybrid diaper system

This diapering system consists of a waterproof diaper cover and inserts. They offer 4 different insert options including stay-dry, organic, disposable, and night-time.

Cover – $14.95 (can find them on sale for $11.00)

Inserts – $14.95 to $32.95

Honorable mention:

best bottom cloth diaper

Photo Credit: @little_miss_kinsley

The Best Bottom system is one of the best AI2 options, though a little pricier. You can, however, buy retired prints for as much as 40% off over at

Bonus, they are made in the USA.

Package Deals:

Best Bottom Packages

The Best Bottom packages come with One-Size covers and snap-in inserts. The inserts are available in several different fabric options including natural fibers, stay-dry, and microfiber.

The complete package comes with everything you’ll need for your baby from birth to potty training, including inserts in every size as well as overnight inserts.

$87.78 to $424.08

Pocket Diapers


Diaper Safari One-Size

This pocket diaper has pocket openings sewn in the front and back which allows the insert to agitate out on its own in the washing machine. No more reaching in a dirty diaper to remove soiled inserts!

The inner material is a soft moisture-wicking suedecloth. This diaper does not come with inserts, so scroll down for cheap insert ideas.


Package Deals:

Rumparooz “Try It”, “Do It” & “All In” Bundles

There are 9 different package options to choose from and 2 fabric options. The original has a stay-dry inner with a microfiber soaker insert, and the organic option has a bamboo cotton velour inner with a bamboo insert. You can also choose a package that has a mix of both!

$104 to $754



Nicki’s Diapers Snapless

These sized fitteds are available in cotton or bamboo. They are super affordable and trim! Use a snappi or pins to secure the fitted onto your baby.

$6.95 to $12.95

Package Deals:

Osocozy Two Sided Unbleached

These Osocozy fitteds are another great budget pick, priced at only $7.63 per fitted. Available in 2 sizes.

Find them here.

6 Pack – $45.75



Imagine “Smart Fit” Prefold Diapers

Smart Fit Prefolds are 100% cotton and they are cut shorter which makes them fit inside of a diaper cover without having to fold down. This cut makes these prefolds much trimmer than others.

$12.95 to $15.95

Package Deals Prefold packages has combined Osocozy prefolds with Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers to create some awesome package deals. You can save up to 25% with the Grande package, which includes 4 dozen infant prefolds, 3 dozen premium prefolds, 6 size-1 covers, 6 size-2 covers, and a roll of flushable diaper liners.

All the diapers you will need through potty training, and a large enough stash to get by with only washing twice a week!

Find this package here.

$20.25 to $269.95



Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers White One-Size

I absolutely love these flats. I used them so much with my firstborn. They are the most multipurpose baby product I’ve owned. Diaper/Insert/Nursing cover/Burp cloth/Changing mat/Blanket

6 Pack – $12.95



Flour Sack Towels

Many people don’t realize that any absorbent material can be used as an insert and that you don’t need to purchase inserts specifically designed for cloth diapering use. Flour sack towels are a great example of unorthodox inserts. They work really well and are super cheap.

Zeppoli 31 x 31 100% cotton flour sack towels: Find them here.

12 Pack – $17.99



Nicki’s Diapers Pull-On

Super economical and great for overnight.



Ecoposh wool cloth diaper cover

Wool isn’t exactly the cheapest option for diaper covers, but if you really prefer natural fibers or you need wool for an overnight solution, then the Ecoposh wool diaper cover is an affordable option.

Find it here.




Ozocozy gauze diaper

Don’t make the same mistake I did and wait until your 3rd child to discover the wonders of doublers. No more wet kid in the mornings!

Give these inexpensive doublers a try. Find them here.

12 pack $9.95

For more money-saving ideas check out my post “How To Get Cloth Diapers Cheap”

You can buy brand new cloth diapers for 50% off with these tips!

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