Best Cloth Diaper For Overnight & Heavy Wetters

I’ve been experimenting with different types and brands of diapers to use overnights with my heavy wetter. I have found fitted diapers to work the best and am very impressed with the Lalabye Baby Lala Lu Fitted Diaper. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about cloth diapering overnight with a heavy wetter.

The best cloth diaper for overnight and heavy wetters must be extremely absorbent and form fitting. Fitted diapers are the perfect option because the entire diaper is comprised of absorbent fabric and the diaper is sewn with elastic around the legs and waist making it much less prone to leaking.

Biggest Issues With Overnights & Heavy Wetters

The most common problem people face when trying to find an overnight solution for their heavy wetter is a leaking diaper. Baby wakes up with wet clothes and wet sheets. As if you don’t have enough laundry to do!

Compression Leaks

Sometimes the leaks can be caused by compression. If the baby wets and the fabric gets squished by baby’s weight it can squeeze the liquid out of the diapers causing a compression leak. The best way to aviod this issue is to switch to a fabric that is less prone to compression leaking.

Microfiber is the worst offender when it comes to compression leaks. Try switching to hemp, cotton, or bamboo instead. Hemp is the best option, especially if you use it as the bottom layer of fabric with a faster absorbing material such as cotton or bamboo on top.

Fully Saturated Diaper

The other obvious reason for leaking is that the diaper is simply fully saturated with liquid. It’s totally wet and cannot soak up another drop! When this happens there is no place for the urine to go except out the legs and waist.

This is the biggest hurdle to face. Finding a diaper that is absorbent enough to last all night long. Here’s the best solutions:

Best Cloth Diaper For Heavy Wetters
Best Cloth Diaper For Heavy Wetters

Best Solutions For Cloth Diapering Overnights & Heavy Wetters

Use Boosters & Doublers

Use boosters, also know as doublers or extra inserts. In my opinion, no cloth diaper is complete without a booster, especially for overnights, heavy wetters or on-the-go.

I learned this lesson the hard way, and cloth diapered two kids before I discovered the wonders of doublers. It is now a very rare occasion that my baby has a leaking diaper. As long as I stick a doubler in, we are good to go, for a LONG time, even overnight.

It used to be that I wouldn’t leave the house without packing an extra set of clothes for my baby, because it was so common for her diaper to leak and her clothes to get all wet. Not anymore! Doublers set my mind at ease and I no longer worry about leaking.

Try Fitted Cloth Diapers

If you are really struggling with find a solution for cloth diapering your heavy wetter or getting through the night without leaks, try using a fitted diaper. Fitteds are notorious for being SUPER absorbent and great overnight options. The entire diaper is absorbent and most come with soakers several layers thick sewn inside.

You can check out my video where I explain exactly what a fitted diaper is here:

You will need to get a diaper cover to go over the fitted in order to make it waterproof. The fitted itself is solely made of absorbent fabric such as cotton, or bamboo. It will not have a waterproof layer sewn on the outside like an All-In-One diaper would.

Some might find this extra step of getting a diaper cover daunting, but the tradeoff is getting WAY more absorbency. I find it especially nice to be able to size up your diaper cover to allow more room for extra doublers. You can’t do this as easily with an All-In-One because extra doublers can cause gapping and leaking out of the legs and waist.

Fitteds also help to eliminate compression leaks because the elastics that are sewn into the legs and waist will keep the diaper snug against the baby. Fitteds are the ultimate cloth diaper choice when it comes to containment!

Best Fitted Cloth Diaper For Overnights & Heavy Wetters

The Lalabye Baby Lala Lu Fitted diaper is a great choice for cloth diapering your heavy wetter overnight. It is comprised of 13 layers of super absorbent bamboo, more than enough absorbency for overnight diapering even the heaviest wetters.

I have been using this fitted for many months now and my kids have NEVER leaked out of it. I have tried it on both my 3 year old overnight (he is potty trained but occasionally wets at night), and my 17 month old girl.

It works so well for them both at night, but I also love it when we have to leave the house. If I know we are going to be gone for a long time, and I’m not sure when the next change will be, the Lala Lu Fitted is my go-to diaper. I don’t have to worry about the baby leaking in the car seat or through her clothes with this ultra absorbent fitted!

You can purchase this fitted via my affiliate link here (this really helps support the blog!), or straight form Lalabye Baby here.

best cloth diaper for heavy wetters


  • One-Size Diaper – Fits from 10 to 35+ pounds
  • Comes with a long bamboo snake-style snap-in insert that is 5 layers thick. It folds over to create 10 layers of absorbency.
  • The body of the fitted is made of 3 layers of bamboo
  • 4 Adjustable Rise settings
  • Each hip closure has 2 side snaps and there is an additional cross-over snap for smaller babies.

Lalabye Baby One-Size Diaper Cover

best cloth diaper cover

If you decide to try out this fitted I would absolutely recommend you get the Lalabye Baby One-Size Diaper Cover to go with it. It just fits so perfectly over the fitted and it is the first diaper cover I have ever had with multi-color snaps. I love them! It makes it so easy to get a perfect and even fit, and to do it quickly.

There’s also an extra hip snap that I haven’t seen on other diaper covers that helps to secure the diaper in place before you snap the other 2 waist snaps. Initially I thought, oh great another snap to snap, but actually I have found that it makes it much easier to get the cover on properly.

Find it here.


  • Adorable Rainbow Snaps for color coded sizing
  • One-Size fits 8 to 35+ pounds
  • Super soft TPU outer
  • Snap options on the top and bottom for snapping in inserts
  • Water resistant bands on the belly and back for keeping baby dry and keeping inserts in place
  • 4 rise settings
  • Cross-over snap closure

I really love this diaper cover and it has some of the softest binding around the legs and waist which is great because it doesn’t leave any red marks or indentions on my babies like some of my other covers do. Give it a try, you’re going to love it too!

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