Best Cloth Diapers For Newborns

I’ve cloth diapered 4 babies in the last 6 years, so I’ve got some experience diapering newborns. I’ve rounded up a list of the best cloth diapers the actually work well on a tiny newborn baby.

Cloth-eez Prefolds

Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers come in many different sizes, including newborns. They are 100% organic cotton. These are the first cloth diapers I started using and I have been so impressed with them. They are affordable, multipurpose, easy to wash, fit well because they are sized, very absorbent, and have held up so well over the years. Even after my babies grow out of the newborn size, I continue to use them as burp cloths, changing pads, and doublers.

Imagine “Smart Fit” Prefolds

Imagine “Smart Fit” Prefold Diapers are made of 100% cotton and are available in white or unbleached. The size small measures 10″ by 11.5″ after prepping. These prefolds are cut shorter for a trimmer fit in a diaper cover.

Find them here.

Cloth-eez Birdseye Flats

Cloth-eez Flat in size half. Size half can fit from preemie size up to 8 pounds. Again, when a baby outgrows this flat, it can be turned into a doubler. Flats are also very multipurpose.

Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Terry Flats

Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Terry Flats come in a variety of sizes. The extra small size measures 11.5″ by 12.5″. These flats are made of 3 layers of soft bamboo terry.

Mother-ease Sandy’s Fitted Diaper

Mother-ease Sandy’s Fitted Diaper in newborn size is available in three different fabric choices, organic cotton, unbleached cotton, and bamboo terry. This diaper also comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty and a lifetime warranty on the snaps + elastic. I have a stash of the one-size Mother-ease fitted diapers and they are wonderful! I would love to add some newborn size Sandy’s to my collection.

Find them here.

Twinkie Teenie Tush Fusion Fitted Cloth Diaper

Twinkie Teenie Tush Fusion Fitted Cloth Diaper is a newborn diaper that has a cotton velour interior. The soaker of this fitted has several layers. The top is cotton velour and the back is a bamboo fleece. The bottom layer of the long soaker is made of hydrophobic poly fleece, which adds a slight liquid barrier. This fitted also has an umbilical snap down.

Geffen Baby Absorbers

Geffen Baby Absorbers in newborn size are 60% hemp 40% organic cotton. This proprietary blend is the highest hemp content for inserts available on the market. Use inserts in pocket diapers or inside of a waterproof diaper cover.

Find them here.

Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers

Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers in newborn size have 4 layers of 100% organic cotton. You can never have too many of these. Super reliable and great for overnight.

Find them here.

Nicki’s Diapers Newborn Diaper Cover

Nicki’s Diapers Newborn Diaper Cover has leak-stopper flaps on the front and back, gathered elastic to protect baby’s umbilical cord, double gussets, and is available in snap or hook & loop closure. I love how budget-friendly Nicki’s Diapers are.

Find them here.

Cloth-eez Wrap Size 0

Cloth-eez Wrap size 0 fits newborns wonderfully. This cover has an umbilical snap down and gentle elastics. This is another budget-friendly cover.

Lalabye Baby Newborn 2.0

Lalabye Baby Newborn 2.0 has a TPU waterproof outer layer and a micro-suede lining which keeps baby feeling dry. Each diaper comes with a bamboo insert that can be stuffed into the pocket or snapped in. This diaper also features a hook & loop closure and a waterproof belly band. Lalabye is a nice trim fitting pocket diaper.

Thirsties Natural Newborn All-In-One

Thirsties Natural Newborn All-In-One has an absorbent interior that is made of cotton and a hemp/cotton blend. It is trim fitting and is available in snap or hook & loop closure. There are tons of cute prints to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with Thirsties brand diapers, and their customer service is amazing.

You can find their adorable new collection “Nature’s Canopy” here.

Smart Bottoms Born Smart 2.0 AIO Organic Diaper

Smart Bottoms Born Smart 2.0 AIO Organic Diaper for newborns is made of 100% organic cotton and a hemp/cotton blend. It has a unique umbilical notch to help keep baby’s healing belly button dry and clean. Some other great features are the extra snaps for adjustability and the No Prep fabric.

This is my current favorite. It is SO trim! Find it here.

Do I Need Newborn Size Cloth Diapers?

Newborn cloth diapers are specifically sized for newborn babies. Many cloth diaper brands sell “one-size” diapers and covers. These types of diapers are great for bigger babies but they typically do not fit well on a newborn.

If you give birth to a big baby then you will likely be able to skip newborn size altogether. However, we never know how big our babies are going to be until they are born, and you don’t want to wait until then to purchase their diapers! The good news is that newborn size diapers will fit up to around 14 pounds, and I seriously doubt you will be birthing a 14 pounder. I sure hope not anyways!

Another perk of using cloth diapers is that you will be able to use them again on future children. The more kids you cloth, the more economical that initial purchase becomes!

Cloth diapers also resell well. Once your diapering years are done, you can sell your stash and recoup some of the cost. I have bought used cloth diapers and covers that I absolutely love, and have gone on to use them with several of my babies. Good quality cloth can last a really long time. Cotton is especially durable, and is also easy to clean and sanitize.

There are many different types of newborn cloth diapers on the market. You can get newborn prefolds, flats, fitteds, inserts, covers, pockets, and all-in-ones. Basically, any type of cloth diapers you prefer will likely be available in newborn size.

If you are just getting started with using cloth diapers and are wondering how many you will need, a good rule of thumb is 3 dozen (36) cloth diapers. If you are using a system like prefolds or flats, which require a waterproof cover, then you will want to get 8 covers. You can get by on less than this, but it makes keeping up with laundry a high priority, which can be difficult during those newborn days. Newborns also tend to dirty more diapers per day than older babies do, so it is nice to have a decent amount of newborn size.

Are Newborn All-In-One Cloth Diapers Worth It?

When I was expecting my first child I did a lot of research trying to decide which cloth diapering system to use. I read a ton of recommendations and reviews and finally decided on prefolds and covers because they seemed the most affordable option for me at the time.

Let me first say, that those prefolds were, and are still amazing. They have served my family very well and are in great condition after diapering several babies. However, looking back now as a mother of three young children (two in diapers), there are some things I would do differently.

I am all about minimizing “stuff” in my house these days, and streamlining daily tasks to save time and energy. I have at least two or three dozen prefolds in each of these sizes; newborn, small, medium, and large. That’s a lot of diapers! They take up a lot of space! Prefolds and covers require several steps, first you must fold the prefold, then you must fasten the prefold (unless you trifold), then you must place a cover over the prefold and snap/velcro the cover on. All-In-Ones reduce the number of diapers you have to store, and only require one step. Put diaper on and snap/velcro.

Four years ago, purchasing AIO diapers seemed too expensive. I know now, that there are affordable ways to build an AIO diaper stash, and that over the long haul it would have been well worth that initial investment. There are ways to save when building your stash. An obvious option is to buy used. You can easily get 50% off or more when buying pre-used. Some people are not comfortable with this option and don’t want to worry about sanitizing used diapers. There is another way!

All-In-One Cloth Diapers on a Budget

I just bought a dozen brand new AIO diapers for $8.98 a piece. They normally sell for $17.95, but I purchased them on a flash sale. These particular diaper prints were being retired and the retailer was clearing out their inventory. The prints were not the cutest to choose from so I picked my favorite and bought 12 of the same print. Who cares what they look like, right? I got brand new cloth diapers for 50% off!

Go to your favorite website to buy cloth diapers and subscribe to their e-mail list. Follow them on social media. This way you will be notified of any sales and you can build a brand new stash at discounted prices.

During this flash sale I could have bought an entire stash of brand new newborn AIOs (36 diapers) for $251.28! Their stay dry AIOs were on sale for $6.98 each. I spent much more than that on all my prefolds, covers, and fasteners. I would have saved a lot of time and effort changing 3 babies in AIOs, rather than using the prefold system.

My intent is not to discourage anyone from using prefolds, because they are a wonderful option and they did work very well for my three babies. I simply want new mom’s, who are budget conscious, to know that AIOs are a reasonable option as well. It is possible to afford the luxury of AIOs!

If you are curious which diapers I purchased, they are Imagine Baby AIO Bamboo, in the print “On The Rocks”.

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