Best Prefold Cloth Diapers: 5 Top Brands I Actually Tested

I have 4 kids and I’ve used cloth diapers on all of them. Of all the different types of cloth diapers I’ve tried, prefolds are hands down the easiest and most versatile option, not to mention they are one of the most affordable diapers to choose from.

Because I love prefolds so much, I wanted to find out which ones work the best. I bought 5 of the top brands and put them to the test on my babies. Check out my comparison of the 5 best brands of prefolds below!

BrandApproximate AbsorbencyDurabilityPrice Per Dozen (medium sizes)
Clotheez12 ouncesExcellent$37.00
OsoCozy15 ouncesExcellent$34.50
Geffen Baby17 ouncesGood175.08
Kanga Care12 ouncesExcellent$51.90
Nicki’s Diapers12 ouncesFair$25.98

A note on absorbency:

Don’t let the absorbency column deter you away from any of these brands. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Children only pee a few ounces at a time, so all of these prefolds will work great. The number one cause of a leaky diaper isn’t “a poor quality prefold”, it is infrequent changing. Change your baby’s diaper every 2-3 hours during the day, and add boosters for overnights, and you’ll be golden!

OsoCozy Prefolds

OsoCozy prefolds are the best for your budget pick. If you enjoy the convenience of getting everything you need in one order, OsoCozy prefolds are a great option. Get them from for the best deals (here’s my affiliate link). I have been very pleased with my Osocozy cloth diapers and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. They are really a great deal for the price point.

They have great customer service as well. If you jump on their Facebook page you’ll get a speedy response to any questions you have.

They sell prefold packages that will save you up to 25% off. The grande prefold package comes with all the diapers and covers you will need to cloth diaper full time from birth to potty training, washing only twice a week. I love the simplicity of these packages.

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  • 4x8x4 ply
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • 4 sizes
  • Free shipping for orders over $59

Clotheez Prefolds

Clotheez are probably my favorite prefolds, though I have a bit of a sentimental attachment because they were the first brand of prefolds I ever bought. I used them on my first child who is now 6 years old. I still have the original prefolds I bought for her when she was a newborn and I have used them on all 4 of my kids!

For durability and quality, Clotheez prefolds are hard to beat. I love Green Mountain Diapers and their customer service is unparalleled. I often receive support via email from the owner herself, Karen. Such a personal touch. Another bonus is how lightning fast they ship your order after you click submit.

Clotheez are a super affordable option considering how long they last. When you shop at GMD you get free pins with your order and an amazing washing guide. It is chuck full of information that will make washing and caring for your cloth diapers much less intimidating.

  • 4x8x4 ply
  • Chlorine-free Oeko-Tex 100 certified Cloth-eez prefolds made of high-quality conventional cotton
  • 9 sizes available
  • Free pins and a one-page quick start washing guide with your order
  • Free shipping over $49

KangaCare Prefolds

KangaCare is new to the prefold diapering game. They are known for their Rumparooz one-size cloth diapers, but recently launched a new line of prefolds, which I love. If you’re a fan of bamboo/cotton blends this is the prefold for you.

KangaCare is another company that excels at taking care of their customers. They have online chat functionality on their site so you can get quick support for any of your cloth diaper questions. They also have an active and fun group on Facebook called “Kanga Care – Rumparooz Chat!”.

  • 4x8x4
  • 70%bamboo 30%cotton
  • 4 sizes
  • Free shipping over $100

Geffen Baby Prefolds

Geffen really shines when it comes to prefolds. They probably take the cake on trim factor and certainly on absorbency capacity. Most prefolds have 4x8x4 ply, meaning the middle panel is 8 layers thick, but not Geffen’s. Geffen prefolds are only 4 layers thick across the whole diaper making them one of the trimmest prefolds availabe.

And yet, even with this 4 layer design, Geffen fleece prefolds can hold a whopping 17 ounces!

I always appreciate made in the USA products and am willing to pay a premium to support our nation’s economy. Geffen prefolds are made in America! Also, you can’t find cloth diapers with a higher percentage of hemp content from anyone other than Geffen.

  • 4 full panel layers
  • Knitted 60% hemp, 40% organic cotton fleece.
  • 4 sizes
  • Made in the USA

Nicki’s Diapers Prefolds

Best for your budget, Nicki’s Diapers prefolds are an amazing value. If you’ve never checked out Nicki’s Diapers before, I highly recommend you do. It’s one of the best places to find everything you need for cloth diapering all in one place.

Nicki’s prefolds are available in both 100% cotton and 100% bamboo, so you can choose your preference. I love the cotton prefolds because cotton is such a durable fabric and holds up better to constant washing, drying, and heat.

One thing I really like about Nicki’s brand is the sweet coloring sheets they wrap your order up in. They are really beautiful illustrations and my kids love to color them. You also get free products added to your order depending on how much you spend. The more you spend the more you get. I’ve gotten several free diaper covers in the past.

  • 4x8x4
  • 100% certified organic cotton
  • 4 sizes
  • Free shipping orders over $10


Do You Need A Diaper Cover With Prefolds?

cloth diaper waterproof cover

Prefolds are made of 100% absorbent material that gets wet to the touch. Because of this, you must put a diaper cover over the top of a prefold in order to make the system waterproof. Diaper covers are available in synthetic fiber options such as polyester and fleece, or natural fibers like wool.

What Are The Most Absorbent Prefolds?

Geffen Baby Prefolds are the most absorbent prefolds, able to absorb up to 17 ounces of liquid. The large percentage of hemp contained in the fabric of Geffen prefolds locks in liquid better than other brands made with 100% cotton or bamboo, which is more prone to compression leaks.

Are Cotton Prefolds Absorbent

Cotton prefolds are very absorbent and absorb faster than any of the other common cloth diaper fabrics. 100% cotton prefolds will need to be prepped in order to achieve maximum absorbency. Cotton prefolds contain oils that inhibit absorption unless washed with hot water multiple times.

What is the difference between Prefold and flat fold diapers?

A flat fold diaper is made of 1 layer of absorbent material and must be folded several times before being placed into a diaper cover or fastened onto a baby. A prefold is made of 4 to 8 layers of absorbent material and is “prefolded” in a rectangular shape making it quicker to tri-fold and fasten.

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