Cloth Diaper Clothing | Best Clothes & Pants That Fit Well Over Fluff

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Cloth diapered babies know, it can be hard to find a great outfit with so much fluff in the trunk! I’ve rounded up a list of the best cloth diaper-friendly clothing so your kids can be comfortable and stylish.

Best Clothes For Cloth Diapers

  • Maxaloones or Grow With Me Pants
  • Bumblito Leggings
  • Cat & Jack Joggers
  • finn + emma
  • Harem Pants & Shorts
  • “U” Shaped Pants
  • Primary “Baby Cloth Diaper Pant”
  • Best Bottom Leg Warmers
  • Nicki’s Diapers Knit Pants
  • Project Pomona Stretch Jeans
  • RAGS Rompers

What Clothes Fit Well Over Cloth Diapers?

The best type of clothing that will fit well over bulky cloth diapers are clothes designed with a relaxed and stretchy fit, especially in the hip area.

Extra length along the rise of pants and width around the hips will allow cloth diapered bottoms to fit comfortably. Stretch fabrics, such as a cotton/Lycra blend will offer the most give and movement.

Also, check out my post on the trimmest cloth diapers here!

Maxaloones or Grow With Me Pants

maxaloones grow with me pantsmaxaloones grow with me pants

Maxaloones have a waistband and leg cuffs that are made to fold down to fit smaller children. As the child grows you unfold the waist and cuffs. This design allows the pants to “grow” with the child, rather than the child outgrowing the pants.

The bum has a circular panel sewn in which allows for plenty of space for cloth diapers.

Oftentimes these pants are made with the cotton/Lycra blend I mentioned or similar stretch fabric. Many WAHM’s sew and sell these pants on Etsy and Facebook. Because they are handmade to order, you can have them customized and the quality is top-notch.

The maxaloones on the sweet baby boy who is standing up are made by Nayvie Grae Baby Boutique. Here is a link to her Facebook page.

The grow with me pants in the other picture are available at the houseontherockshop Etsy page here.

 Bumblito Leggings

bumblito leggings cloth diaper clothes

From the creators of Smart Bottoms cloth diapers, comes the brand Bumblito.

Bumblito offers these adorable leggings which fit wonderfully over fluffy bottoms. Their shop is full of other clothing products and accessories in a variety of stylish prints.

Cat & Jack Joggers

Cat & Jack Joggers cloth diaper clothes

Cat & Jack Joggers are a brand recommended by many cloth diapering moms. You can find them at Target.

finn + emma

finn + emma is another highly recommended brand amongst cloth diaper groups. They create truly stunning baby clothing with 100% organically grown & safe materials. Their pants are made with a generous fit to accommodate cloth diapers.

Their products are so beautiful and heirloom quality, be sure to check them out here.

Harem Pants & Shorts

Harem pants are designed to have a baggy look to them. There is extra length added to the rise and width added to the crotch, which makes them an excellent option for cloth.

You can find the pants above on amazon here.

“U” Shaped Pants

You can find “U” shaped pants just about anywhere, but I have been told by many moms that you get the best bang for your buck if you shop for them at Old Navy. Like the harem pants, “U” pants have extra room for bigger bums.

Primary “Baby Cloth Diaper Pant”

Primary baby cloth diaper pant

Another cloth momma favorite. Primary makes these pants specifically for cloth diapers. And for $8 a pair, I’d say they rank pretty high for the budget-conscious shopper.

Best Bottom Leg Warmers

Photo Credit: @little_miss_kinsley

Skip pants altogether and show off those adorable prints with a leg warmer + cloth diaper combo. This print is called “To The Point”.

Nicki’s Diapers Knit Pants

nicki's diapers knit pants

Super stretchy and made for cloth diapered bottoms, Nicki’s diapers brand always delivers.

Project Pomona Stretch Jeans

project pomona jeans cloth diaper

For those of you wishing you could dress baby up in denim, look no further. I wish I had known about these a long time ago because I had completely given up on jeans over cloth diapers!

Project Pomona jeans are another “grow with me” type pant that allows you to customize the inseam as your child grows. They also have adjustable snaps at the waist. There are a number of colors and washes to choose from.

RAGS Rompers

RAGS rompers

Rompers are another great option because they are designed like “U” shaped pants with extra fabric in all the areas that cloth bums need it! RAGS is offering an exclusive 15% off coupon code to my readers, just use the code CLOTHDIAPER at checkout. Check them out here.

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