Green Mountain Diapers: My Review After 5 Years & 4 Babies

I have 4 kids under the age of 6, and I have used Green Mountain Diapers products on all of them. The very first type of cloth diaper I ever purchased was a Cloth-eez prefold from GMD.

I have very fond memories of using Cloth-eez on my first child 5 years ago and guess what, I still have those original prefolds. I have used them on all 4 of my children! Cloth-eez are not the only products that I have purchased from Green Mountain Diapers however, there are many more that I have tried and tested over the years.

Continue reading to find out more about Green Mountain Diapers, and to see my reviews of the many products they offer on their website.

Cloth-eez ProductQuantityPriceHow Many You Need For Full-Time Cloth Diapering
Cloth-eez FlatsPack of 6$12.955 Packs
Cloth-eez PrefoldsDozen – (price varies by size see table below)$26.00 – $45.003 Dozen
Cloth-eez Workhorse FittedsIndividual – (price varies by size see table below)$11.50 – $14.5030 Diapers
Cloth-eez Wrap Diaper CoversIndividual$9.99 – $10.998 Covers
Cloth-eez WipesPack of 12$10.954 Packs
Cloth-eez Paper Towel AlternativesPack of 12$18.754 Packs
Cloth-eez InsertsPack of 12 Size Large$15.9012 Inserts
Cloth-eez DoublersPack of 12 Size Large$24.6012 Doublers
Cloth-eez Birth to 15 Pounds Kit6 dozen prefolds, 10 diaper covers, 48 cloth wipes, and fasteners$292.191 Kit
You can cloth diaper full-time with 24 diapers if you wash every other day. Choose 1 type of diaper or mix and match.

The Green Mountain Diaper Company

Green Mountain Diapers has been in the business of producing and distributing high-quality cloth diapers for over 23 years! The GMD team has a wealth of knowledge about cloth diapering and their mission is to share it.

They specialize and recommend using natural fiber cloth diapers and have been very successful in communicating the benefits of opting for cotton, becoming one of the leading natural fiber cloth diaper retailers in the nation.

My experience with Green Mountain Diapers customer service has been amazing. I have e-mailed them MANY times with all kinds of questions and Karen, the owner, personally responds in a timely and always super helpful manner. Such a personal touch. Whenever I place an order, I’m always shocked at the lighting fast speed that my order is packed and shipped.

Best Cloth Diaper For Heavy Wetters
Best Cloth Diaper For Heavy Wetters

If you have any issues with your order or the products you receive, they are quick to remedy the problem and turn you into a happy customer! If you have any doubts about the quality of GMD products or customer satisfaction, just check out their extensive and overwhelmingly positive collection of reviews. I remember reading a ton of them when I first started cloth diapering. There are seriously thousands of 5-star reviews on their site, including mine.

I reached out to Karen, the owner of Green Mountain Diapers, to find out how the business has changed over the years. Here’s what she had to share;

“Here at Green Mountain Diapers we are older now but the same small group of people. We’ve been working together for more than a decade.”


The inspiration behind the GMD love for natural fibers was born out of Karen’s personal experience cloth diapering her son.

“He gave me real diapering challenges. He was sensitive to everything, it seems. It’s a good thing we used cloth because there was no way his sensitive skin could tolerate disposable diapers. It took me a while to figure out that he was sensitive to polyester, but once we did, we made tremendous improvement in his skin condition. I got rid of my 10% polyester-based diapers leftover from my daughter’s diapering days. They were cotton wrapped around a polyester base and he was sensitive to the poly content or perhaps the fact that the polyester is just so hard to get fully clean. We stopped using our brushed polyester covers, too.”

Fast forward a couple decades;

“My son is now 23 years old and has joined us full time. He is the “sensitive son” in the story on our about us page and has now fully grown up, is very hardworking, and pretty much running all of the fulfillment area. Time goes by and the next generation is coming up!”


Why Should You Choose Green Mountain Diapers?

  • Quality: I have Cloth-eez prefolds that are 5 years old and have been used on all 4 of my children. That’s durability at its finest. Green Mountain Diapers only deals in high-quality products that hold up to the wear and tear of daily diapering. I appreciate the care they take in choosing which brands they carry in their store. You’ll only find top-rated reputable brands on their website.
  • Natural Fiber Cloth Diapers: One of the main reasons people flock to Green Mountain Diapers for their cloth diapering products is because of the many natural fiber options they have to choose from. Karen is a big promoter of 100% cotton diapers, and it’s served her customers very well. Cotton has so many benefits including that it is gentle on baby’s skin, easy to wash, durable, quick-absorbing, and fast to dry. However, cotton is not the only natural fiber option to choose from and GMD offers many others such as hemp, bamboo, and wool.
  • Washing & Care: A major deterrent to people using cloth is the intimidation factor of washing the diapers. At Green Mountain Diapers they tackle this fear head on. With every order they include a FREE copy of a 16-Page How To Wash Diapers Booklet. You will never feel lost or unsure of how to care for your diaper stash with the knowledge and support of GMD on your side. Another great resource for learning or troubleshooting problems is the Green Mountain Diapers Friends Group on Facebook.
  • Amazing Reviews: You don’t have to take my word for it that GMD is the place to shop, just go take a look at the reviews section. It’s pretty impressive. Here’s a link, GMD Prefold REVIEWS

Cloth-eez: The Green Mountain Diapers Brand

Some people confuse Green Mountain Diapers for a brand of a diaper, but Green Mountain Diapers is actually a cloth diaper retailer that carries many different brands and types of cloth diapering products in their online store.

With that said, Green Mountain Diapers does have its own exclusive brand of cloth diapers called “Cloth-eez”. The Cloth-eez brand was created by Karen, the owner of GMD. Cloth-eez products include:

Cloth-eez Flats, Prefolds, Workhorse Fitteds, Diaper Covers, Wipes, Inserts, Doublers, and more. Many Cloth-eez products are available in organic options. The most popular Cloth-eez products are the actual diapers, of course, and here are some helpful charts breaking down the cost of each size.

Cloth-eez FlatsSizePrice Per 6-Pack
One-Size (6-35+ Pounds)$12.95
Size-Half (4-8 Pounds)$8.95
Cloth-eez PrefoldsSizePrice Per Dozen
PurplePreemie (premature or as doublers)$13.50
GreyNewbie (large preemie)$18.00
OrangeNewborn (6-10 Pounds)$26.00
Light GreenNovice (9-15 Pounds)$29.50
YellowSmall (10-15 Pounds)$30.50
BlueIntermediate (13-25 Pounds)$37.00
RedMedium (14-29 Pounds)$37.00
BrownLarge (20-35 Pounds)$41.00
GreenX-Large (28-40 Pounds)$45.00
Cloth-eez Workhorse FittedsSizeSnap Closure Price (Individual)
OrangeNewborn (11-12 Pounds)$11.95
YellowSmall (9-14 Pounds)$12.95
RedMedium (14-24 Pounds)$13.95
BrownLarge (18-30 Pounds)$14.45
GreenX-Large (26-38 Pounds)$14.95

Where Green Mountain Diapers Are Made

Green Mountain Diapers line of Cloth-eez cloth diapers are made in Pakistan. Cloth-eez used to be manufactured in America until the volume of business outgrew the headquarters and the demand for low-priced cotton textiles such as prefolds and flats made it difficult to manufacture in the USA.


My stack of Cloth-eez prefolds (newborn, small, medium, and large)

I’ve used Cloth-eez prefolds for many, many years and I can, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone interested in cloth diapering. They are so economical, durable, and versatile. Not only are they super absorbent and great for diapering, but I also use them for burp cloths and changing pads all the time. These prefolds also clean up very easily in the wash.

“GMD Prefolds” (Cloth-eez) are the gold standard for prefold diapers for over a dozen years! Award-winning, top-quality, heavyweight 100 % cotton twill diapers are so very well made. They will stand up to repeated washings.


Cloth-eez Flat Bird-Eye Diapers are also very well-loved in my household. These old-fashioned style cloth diapers are so handy to have in any stash, even if you don’t use flats exclusively. Every flat fan should try Cloth-eez flats because they are seriously the best for folding. Other brands of flats tend to get a bit misshapen after prepping which makes them more difficult to fold. Cloth-eez flats stay square!

I don’t do as much diapering with flats now that I have 4 kids, but I still use our Cloth-eez flats every day as burp cloths and lightweight blankets. However, with my first and second child, I really enjoyed learning all the different ways to fold flats to get the perfect fit for each child.

I also appreciate the fact that flats are the easiest cloth diapers to clean and the fastest ones to dry. If you’ve ever used All-In-One cloth diapers, you know that flats are far superior in the washing/drying department.

“One-Size” fits birth to potty learning


I have tried several different brands of fitted diapers including Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitteds. The 100% organic cotton material is a big selling point for me, and the sewn-in soaker-pad holds a lot of liquid making these fitteds great for overnights or long trips.

I had the snap-closer style, but I know a lot of people really like the no-closure because it allows you to get a really nice fit. You simply use a pin or snappi to secure it onto your baby.

Designed by Karen and made exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers.

Inserts & Doublers

My collection of Green Mountain Diapers Inserts & Doublers

I think people often overlook GMD for their inserts and doublers, which is such a shame because I love them! Of course, they are cotton, which is the fastest absorbing material and works great for adding extra absorbency to any diaper.

The inserts were actually designed with fewer layers than the doublers and are meant to be stacked together to customize the amount of absorbency needed. Because they are fewer layers thick, they are much easier to clean and dry than other brands of inserts.

Diaper Covers

Cloth-eez Wraps are probably the softest and most budget-friendly diaper covers you’re going to find. They are sized, which is nice for getting a good fit. The softness factor might seem insignificant if you’ve never used diaper covers before, but beware, I have tried many other brands of diaper covers and some of them are really harsh on baby’s skin and leave red indentations. Cloth-eez wraps won’t do that!

  • Size Zero fits 4-10 Pounds
  • Size One fits 7-14 Pounds
  • Size Two fits 14-24 Pounds
  • Size Three fits 25-38 Pounds

Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative

Other Brands You Can Purchase From Green Mountain Diapers

Also available at Green Mountain Diapers are All-In-Ones, All-In-Twos or Hybrids, Pocket Diapers, Wool Covers, and More. GMD can really be a one-stop shop for your cloth diapering needs including pail liners, wet bags, and other accessories.

Here are the Brands GMD carries at their store:

  • AppleCheeks
  • Babee Greens
  • Blueberry
  • BumGenius
  • Boingo
  • Cloth-eez
  • Disana
  • Eucalan
  • Flip
  • GroVia
  • LanaCare
  • Smart Bottoms
  • Snappi Baby
  • Thirsties

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