How To Use Fitted Cloth Diapers + Review Of The Best Fitted: Pooters

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I am a huge fan of fitted cloth diapers and was so excited to have the opportunity to try out Pooters Fitteds and some of their other products. If you’ve ever wondered what fitted cloth diapers are, how to use them, or which fitteds are best, I’ve got the run down for you.

What Is A Fitted Cloth Diaper?

A fitted cloth diaper is a contoured piece of absorbent fabric that is several layers thick. Elastics are sewn around the legs and waist of the diaper giving it a snug fit around the baby. Fitteds alone are not waterproof, so you will need to fasten a diaper cover over the fitted to keep baby dry.

Here’s a video I filmed explaining all there is to know about fitted cloth diapers and demonstrating how to put one on a baby.

How To Use Fitted Cloth Diapers

Fitted cloth diapers are easy to use. Simply snap, Velcro, or fasten (with snappi or pins) the fitted diaper onto your baby. If there are any gaps in the legs or waist, adjust the fitted to a smaller setting around the waist or rise. The last step is to put a waterproof diaper cover over the fitted.

Step 1

Fasten the fitted cloth diaper onto your baby. There are several types of closures to choose from including snaps, velcro, and snapless. Snapless fitteds allow you to get a really customized fit with the use of a snappi or pins.

Pooters Snapless Daytime Fitteds are a super budget-friendly option. They are trim, 100% organic cotton, and if you buy 3 you’ll get a free diaper cover with your purchase!

how to put a fitted cloth diaper on

Step 2

Check the fit of the diaper. You want to make sure there are no gaps or holes around the baby’s legs or waist where any mess could leak out.

how to put on a fitted cloth diaper

Step 3

Fasten a waterproof diaper cover over the fitted. Fitteds alone are not waterproof, they are made completely of absorbent material that will get wet to the touch when baby pees. Fitteds do need a diaper cover, which is a separate product made of waterproof material that will keep all the wetness inside of the diaper.

I am absolutely in love with Pooters Diaper Covers! The multicolored snaps are the greatest and make getting an even, symmetrical fit so easy. Check out this beautiful gold cover. Do you adore solid colors as much as me?

The Best Fitted Cloth Diaper | Pooters Review

Pooters Hemp Overnight Fitted is one of the best fitted cloth diapers I have tried on my kids. This diaper holds up to 31 ounces of liquid! Can we get a round of applause for that? Say goodbye to those middle of the night diaper changes.

pooters fitted cloth diaper


  • One-Size fits all diaper will fit babies from 12 to 40 pounds
  • 55% hemp 45% organic cotton – only the best natural materials touch your baby’s bum
  • Comes with an insert and a soaker that can be uniquely folded and customized to provide the perfect absorbency for your baby
  • No leak guarantee! – Try it and if you’re not happy, return it in 30 days for a full refund.
  • Optional stay-dry hemp insert that can hold up to 13 ounces

Pooters Hemp Overnight Fitted

The first thing I noticed about this fitted is the quality of the sewing and fabric. I suspect this diaper is going to last a VERY long time, especially considering that hemp is one of the most durable cloth diaper materials. The elastics are encased very nicely around legs and waist making a soft and gentle fit. Some other fitteds I have tried have harder edges that leave red marks and indentations on my baby’s skin. This is not the case with the Pooters fitted, it seems to be very comfortable for my daughter.

Another thing I really liked about this diaper was how easy it was to prep. Some natural fabric cloth diapers have to be washed and dried up to 8 times before they become absorbent enough to use on your baby! That makes for a very long day of doing brand new cloth diaper laundry. The Pooters diaper only takes 3 wash cycles and then you dry it. That’s it!

I prepped it just as they instructed and it held up all night long for my baby. There was plenty of absorbency left the next morning, and it becomes even more absorbent after more washing and drying. I would definitely recommend this fitted for heavy wetters and for use overnight.

The Pooters Hemp Overnight Fitted also has rise snaps that allow for sizing the diaper down to fit a smaller baby. I am excited about this feature because I am due to have another baby in a couple months so I’ll get to use it on my new squish too!

Stay-Dry Insert

pooters inserts and boosters

To be perfectly honest I was a bit unsure about the stay-dry hemp insert. I have avoided stay-dry fabrics for most of my cloth diapering days, but Pooters has now converted me!

My youngest daughter (18 months) had been waking up fussing 3 to 4 times a night. I am sure she was waking up whenever she wet her diaper. It was getting so exhausting that I was considering trying disposables through the night!

I am so thankful that Pooters sent us their stay-dry hemp insert with a fleece topped side. I was really interested to see if it would help with our restless nights. The first night I put the stay-dry insert in her fitted diaper she slept through the ENTIRE night! No joke. I couldn’t believe it.

If you are struggling with a fussy baby through the night, you might consider trying this stay-dry hemp insert, it has been SO helpful for us. The fleece is super soft and keeps baby feeling dry and comfortable through the night so that everyone can get some sleep.

Pooters Diaper Covers

As if the fitted and inserts weren’t enough to send me over the moon, Pooters also sent me two of their amazing diaper covers to try out.

pooters diaper cover

These covers have double gussets, which are a must for containment!

I was so tickled to see the multicolored snaps on these covers. I do have one other diaper cover that has multicolored snaps and I absolutely love them, so I am very thankful to have some more! You might not understand the value of this feature if you’ve never gone from snapping same colored snaps to multicolored. It really makes a huge difference.

With so many snaps on a diaper it can be hard just by eyeballing it to get each hip on the same snap. Perhaps you do, but I sure don’t try to count how many snaps over I go when changing a diaper. Pooters multicolored snaps make it easy to see which color you are on so you can quickly size the diaper perfectly.

The elastics are encased with a soft material that is comfortable on baby and there are flaps of material on the inside of the diaper cover which is a wonderful feature. I have other brands of diaper covers that do not have these flaps and so the back side of the snaps are exposed, if I use a pad-folded flat or prefold with these exposed snaps they can actually dig into baby’s skin and cause discomfort.

The flaps are also great if you are just using pad-folded flats, prefolds, or inserts because you can tuck the diapers under the flaps and they stay secure and keep baby from getting wet from wicking.

How To Boost The Absorbency Of Fitteds

Fitteds on their own are made to be extremely absorbent. The entire diaper is comprised of absorbent fabric, usually a few layers thick. Most fitteds come with a snap-in, sewn in, or lay-in insert or soaker that fits inside of the diaper. This insert will also be made of absorbent material such as hemp, bamboo, or cotton, and will be many layers thick.

Adding inserts or boosters to the inside of a fitted diaper will increase the amount of liquid it can hold. This is very helpful for heavy wetters, nap time, and of course, overnights. I would never put a fitted diaper on my baby for overnight without a super absorbent insert such as the Pooters stay-dry hemp insert which holds 13 ounces of liquid. Some heavy wetters might even need this insert plus another insert or booster.

It’s also nice to have a thinner booster for daytime use. This helps prevent leaks but also keeps the diaper trimmer for a less bulky fit. Pooters hemp booster is a perfect option for this. It’s made of 2 layers of natural hemp and holds up to 2.5 ounces.

Fitteds VS Prefold Cloth Diapers

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between prefolds and fitteds and the pros and cons of each type. Both diaper types are similar in that they are made of several layers of absorbent fabric and they both need a diaper cover in order to be waterproof.



  • Easier To Use / More Convenient
  • Typically More Absorbent
  • Better Containment & Fit
  • Great For Overnight
  • One-Size Options


  • More Expensive
  • Take Longer To Dry



  • Less Expensive
  • Easy To Clean
  • Faster Dry Time


  • Not As Easy To Fasten Onto Baby
  • Less Absorbent
  • Need Added Absorbency For Overnight
  • Need Different Sizes
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