Recommended Products

I’ve changed countless diapers, heard from tons of cloth diapering parents, and spent many hours researching the best cloth diaper products on the market. These are tried and true items that can be recommended without hesitation.

Keep in mind, however, that these products are not all the highest-end, most expensive options available. My intention on this page is to recommend products that are priced fairly without compromising top quality standards. This is stuff that I use and love.


OsoCozy prefolds are the best for your budget pick. If you enjoy the convenience of getting everything you need in one order, OsoCozy prefolds are a great option. Get them from for the best deals (here’s my affiliate link). I have been very pleased with my Osocozy cloth diapers and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. They are really a great deal for the price point.

They have great customer service as well. If you jump on their Facebook page you’ll get a speedy response to any questions you have.

They sell prefold packages that will save you up to 25% off. The grande prefold package comes with all the diapers and covers you will need to cloth diaper full time from birth to potty training, washing only twice a week. I love the simplicity of these packages.

  • 4x8x4 ply
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • 4 sizes
  • Free shipping for orders over $59


Again, when purchasing in bulk from, you really get a whale of a deal. If you’re looking for natural fiber flats these Osocozy packages are perfect. I especially love that you can opt to pair them with Thirsties brand covers, which are some of my favorites. I have Thirsties covers that I have used on 4 children, and they are still waterproof!

You can purchase these flat packs with my affiliate link here.

Cloth Diaper Inserts | 12 Most Abso...
Cloth Diaper Inserts | 12 Most Absorbent Inserts Tested!


All-In-Ones are so convenient and I have really turned to using them full-time now that I have so many kids! I have tried many different brands of AiOs and I just love the trim factor of Smart Bottoms. Most cloth diapers, and especially AiOs are so bulky and make it difficult to find clothes that fit well over them. Smart Bottoms are the trimmest I have ever found. See the picture below:

trim cloth diaper smart bottoms dream diaper 2.0

You can purchase the Dream 2.0 or other Smart Bottoms style All-In-Ones on amazon here (affiliate link).


Hybrids are super flexible cloth diapers. They are a 2-piece diaper, the outer shell or waterproof piece, and the inner snap-in soaker pads, which absorb all the mess. I really like Grovia’s Hybrids because they work with reusable and disposable cloth diaper inserts, making them a great option for on-the-go and traveling. And just look at them, they’re gorgeous!

You can also choose from 3 different types of inserts including the Organic Cotton Soaker, No Prep Soaker, or the eco-friendly disposable BioSoaker. They all have their perks — one is naturally soft, one is long-lasting and one is great for on-the-go cloth diapering.

You can create your own custom bundle and save up to 10% on your cloth diaper stash. Shop with Grovia here (affiliate link).


No cloth diaper stash would be complete without at least a few fitteds. You just can’t beat fitteds when it comes to absorbency and solving overnight issues. Most people turn to fitteds when they’ve had enough of dealing with wet sheets and clothes in the mornings. Save yourself the headache and just get a few for nighttime and long car rides.

I recommend these hemp fitteds on Amazon (affiliate link) here. They are not name brand, but they are the best material for overnights, the soaker pads are included, and the price is just too hard to beat for what you get.

For bullet-proofing this overnight system pair the fitted with a wool cover like this one (affiliate link), also on Amazon. I have used these Disana covers in multiple sizes and they are amazing quality.