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I love to support my nation whenever I can. Buying products that are made in the USA, including cloth diapers, puts a smile on my face because I know I’m helping to strengthen our economy and supporting hard working Americans who are busy producing the best quality products on the market.

I’ve complied a list of the top 10 best made in the USA cloth diapers. These cloth diaper brands manufacture and sell the best quality cloth diaper products available today and they are produced here in the states.

Nicki’s Diapers

Shop Nicki’s made in the USA products here

Nicki founded Nicki’s Diapers as a stay-at-home mom business back in 2003 out of her basement. Her husband Jesse got on board and they grew from the basement, to a small rented warehouse space, to a retail store in Madison, WI, and then purchased a new warehouse and office space in 2012. The company is now located in Akron, Ohio.

Nicki has not only created the Nicki’s Diapers brand, she has also created Planet Wise Inc. and Best Bottom Diapers which are also made in America.

I am a big fan of Nicki’s and can attest to their wonderful customer service. Their Best Bottoms Inserts performed really well in my most absorbent inserts test, check out that post here.


Shop Thirsties brand here.

Thirsties proudly manufactures all of their cloth diaper products in Colorado. Many of their employees are stay-at-home mom’s who create Thirsties products in the comfort of their own homes.

You can be sure of the safety and quality of the materials this company uses to produce their diapers. Here’s a quote from the Thirsties team. “Only the best USA-sourced components are chosen for our products in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills and our local economy, and to ensure that Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash.”

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Shop Blueberry products here.

Margarita is the founder of Blueberry Diapers, a mom of 4, and as she puts it “a leading expert in pee-and-poop management”. The story of Blueberry, formerly Swaddlebees, is quite interesting and they learned the hard way why made in the USA products are the best.

Blueberry diapers did try to have their diapers made in China once before, and it turned out, it wasn’t worth the “savings”. The products would break, their designs got stolen, and it didn’t take long to realize the importance of keeping jobs here in the United States.

They now proudly produce their products in the middle of nowhere Arkansas! Here’s a statement from their team, “Whenever possible, we source our fabrics from the USA. This not only ensures us that the fabric is manufactured without any possible contaminants that may prove harmful to infants, but we have also found that the quality is more consistent and surpasses that of its imported counterparts. Using US-made fabrics also helps keep the textile manufacturing industry alive in the US.”

Geffen Baby

Shop Geffen here.

most absorbent cloth diaper insert

Geffen baby started out in Los Angeles as a textile manufacturing company, before they saw the need for more natural baby products. They turned their attention to creating a superior diapering fabric and added more hemp to the content of the material becoming the only brand in the industry to have a 60% Hemp and 40% Organic cotton product. This makes Geffen products more durable and absorbent.

I have a pack of Geffen Absorbers, and I have to say they are probably my favorite inserts to use. It seems they are always the first to get used up and thrown into the diaper pail! I need to add some more to my stash.

Here’s a statement from the Geffen team, “We love our planet and try to be as organic as possible from our manufacturing process right down to our eco-friendly packaging. We make 95% of our products here in the USA eliminating a lot of our carbon footprint in doing so.”


Shop Babee Greens here.

BabeeGreens is owned and operated exclusively by cloth diapering and eco-conscious mothers, so you can rest assured that this company understands how important it is to use top quality materials for their cloth diapers.

Read this statement from the Babee Greens team about their commitment to USA products. “Here at BabeeGreens we firmly believe in keeping business local. That is why we manufacture ALL our products here in the USA. Nestled in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, each fabric product is hand cut and hand sewn by an impressive team of local seamstresses. We take much pride in being part of North Carolina’s long standing textile industry and continue to do our part in the resurgence of employment in our own backyard.”

Their organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and milled locally, making this line of products 100% USA made.

Twinkie Tush

Shop Twinkie Tush here.

Gretchen is the owner and chief operator of Twinkie Tush cloth diapers, which she started in her home in 2010 after having twins, her “twinkies”. Her and her husband Mike have grown the business from their home to a 1200 square foot studio in Ithaca, to a now 3600 square foot building.

They are very proud of their entirely US designed and manufactured products all of which are handmade. Their products are truly stunning, seriously, go check them out even if you are not going to purchase any, they are beautifully crafted.

Here’s a link to their blog post that shows some behind the scenes pictures of the team at work in their warehouse, plus a video of them celebrating “Made In America Week”.

Tidy Tots

Shop Tidy Tots here.

Sandy Beck is the founder of Tidy Tots diapers. Her and her daughter Sara run the business in upstate New York where all the diapers are manufactured. They are very proud of their made in the USA products and also of their company which hires, trains and supports individuals with disabilities.

These cloth diapers have a unique design and use an organic disposable liner, called a Flushie, that snaps and locks into place. No more spraying or dunking the mess in the toilet, just toss the liner and your done. I think this company has definitely achieved their mission of “bridging the gap between disposables and cloth” with this design.

Fruit Of The Womb

Shop Fruit Of The Womb here

fruit of the womb cloth diapers

Christina started sewing cloth diapers when she was expecting her sixth child and after ten years of cloth diapering her own children! To say she knew exactly what she wanted out of a cloth diaper design is the ultimate understatement. Total strangers began to ask her where she was getting such adorable diapers, and asked if they could pay her to make some for their kids.

That was the beginning of FOTW cloth diapers and they have only grown since then. This small company makes some of the most unique diapers I have come across including their very popular stretchy flats and “preflats”, which are a combination of flats and prefolds. So neat!

Be sure to check out her website and all the lovely diapers that her and her three oldest daughters (pictured above) create.

Soft Bums

Shop Soft Bums here.

Sarah is the owner of Soft Bums cloth diapers, another mother with an eye for ingenuity. She designed Soft Bums diapers with no rise snaps. Instead these diapers have adjustable leg gussets with their patented internal elastic drawstring system. Genuis!

Here’s a picture of Sarah in their USA sewing facility.

Green Mountain Diapers Hemp Doublers

Shop GMD Doublers here.

Green Mountain Diapers is a brand I have a lot of experience shopping with. Karen is the owner and she is just wonderful. You won’t find better customer service and care anywhere else! She carries many made in the USA brands, such as Thirsties, Smart Bottoms, and Blueberry, but she also sells some wonderful made in America hemp doublers.

I have them in both sizes and they are some of my favorites doublers, they lay nice and flat, are very absorbent, and super trim.

They are cut and sewn in the USA and custom made for Green Mountain Diapers by a grandma for over 12 years! Love it.

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