Work From Home

If you clicked on this page, chances are you’re looking for a way to make money from home. There’s no shortage of ideas on the internet claiming to be “legit ways to make money online”.

I’ve tried some of these “legit” jobs and it turns out they don’t fit my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle, and they don’t pay, at least not enough to make it worth my time.

I love being a SAHM and I think it’s an incredible privilege, a privilege that I do not want to neglect. So in order for me to earn an income without letting my household fall to pieces, I had to discover a business that fit our needs.

  1. Work from home
  2. Very flexible schedule & work hours
  3. Noise & distractions welcomed!

These stipulations narrowed the job market down dramatically, but there was one business that kept popping up.


If you are about to click off of this page because you’re thinking:

  • “I can’t blog”
  • “I can’t write”
  • “I don’t know anything about website design”
  • “I’m not an expert on any topic”
  • “My life isn’t interesting enough to blog about”
  • “Blogging doesn’t pay”

Just know, all of these statements applied to me, and I too believed blogging for an income to be a pipe dream.

But this blogging notion was the only job that fit our needs, and so I committed to doing it. I started researching what it takes, and how much money you can earn. What I learned was so exciting. Anyone can do this, and yes you can really make money. I am now passively generating income every month through my blog, and so can you.

I came across these guys called “Income School” and was so refreshed to find a source of information that I could actually understand and trust. They taught me how to start a blog.

And so, was born. If you’ve ever thought about blogging but doubted your ability, I would highly encourage you to check out Income School’s program “Project 24”. I am a Project 24 member and my experience with the program has been so great. I can ask questions to fellow members and successful bloggers at any time. That support is SO valuable!

Here is a webinar that explains what Project 24 is and how it will help you earn a full-time income. It is a long webinar, but just imagine for a moment what it would be like if you could earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month from blogging. Is that worth your time?

Jim & Ricky walk you STEP BY STEP through the process of creating a website that will generate an income. This step-by-step guide will save you so much time and frustration as you begin building your blog.

Before I became a member I often felt lost and stuck. There were many technical things that I had to troubleshoot and it was very difficult to find answers online. Now, I have an awesome community of people who answer all of my questions whenever I need help or encouragement. Project 24 keeps me motivated.

Come join me and many other successful P24 members (many of these bloggers are making a full-time income with their websites). You will find that you absolutely have what it takes to make your work from home dreams a reality.

When you sign up through my affiliate link it helps support my work from home dreams. Thank you!